Tasman SE

Tasman SE
Tasman SE
Tasman SE
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Tasman ...the comfortable all-rounder Model Length/Width Capacity Volume... more
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...the comfortable all-rounder
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 As with time we create more and more seakayak models, we have to make some space for them. Therefore, as we do not want these kayaks to disappear right away, we transformed some ouf our older models (Aurora, Eski 475, Magellan, Tasman) into Special Edition Kayaks. SE meaning that they have less equipment for a less expensive price.

The Tasman's bottom ist a great symbiosis of high tilt-stability and a good run. The prominent U-formed bottom ensures a high start- and end-stability, the high pace is achieved by the long keel line. A big cockpit facilitates getting in and out and provides a good fi. It is suitable for long trips with a lot of luggage as the high amount of volume ensure a lot space for luggage, but it is also appropriate for day- or weekend-trips.

Equipment features

  • optional Balance rudder
  • 1 oval, 1 round rubber hatch
  • transparent bulkheads
  • 20mm fabric tape outer seam
  • toggle, all-around rope
  • available in 2 material options. DCS & LCS
  • each come in two kinds of colours

 Colors available for DCS

  • Top: red RAL-3020 / Bottom: red RAL-3020 / Seam+Cockpit: yellow RAL-1023  / Lines: yellow
  • Top: lindgrün LR-14503 / Bottom: apfelgrün LR-14525 / Seam+Cockpit: yellow RAL-1023 / Lines: yellow

Colors available for LCS

  • Top: red RAL-3020 / Bottom: clear / Seam+Cockpit: yellow RAL-1023 / Lines: yellow
  • Top: lindgrün LR-14503 / Bottom: clear / Seam+Cockpit: yellow RAL-1023 / Lines: yellow

MAC 2-Cockpit

  • foot rest on centre rail
  • adjustable Comflex-seat
  • backrest with Contour-cushion
  • thigh braces


  • spraydeck / hatch cover: size D Bighole
  • further extra equipment on request
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