Sundance Expedition

Sundance Expedition seaspray
Sundance Expedition
Sundance Expedition seaspray
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sporty, compact and water friendly... This nippy boat is great for short trips and tight... more
Product information "Sundance Expedition"

sporty, compact and water friendly...

This nippy boat is great for short trips and tight situations. It excels in creeks and on smaller rivers where longer craft fear to float. Handling is nimble although the quick turning hull is exceptionally true when required.

The benefits continue off the water where it is easy to store away at home, fit on the car or stow in your caravan... it’s sure to be the first thing on the packing list for any trip.

Length: 287cm
Width: 72cm
Weight: 18kg
Water Type: Canal, Lake, Touring River, Calm Coast
User Guide: Beginner - Intermediate
Type: Recreational Kayak
Max Load: 150kg

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