Multi Wave WW LCS 100 Extreme

Multi Wave WW LCS 100 Extreme
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Ergonom Multi Wave WW LCS 100 Extrem Beam me up - thanks to the pre-positioned ergonomic shaft... more
Product information "Multi Wave WW LCS 100 Extreme"

Ergonom Multi Wave WW LCS 100 Extrem

Beam me up - thanks to the pre-positioned ergonomic shaft you zoom into another dimension with the Multi Wave. The gripping at the tear-of edge is crazy, the flight characteritics are convincing. Even running the eddies at your local spot will become more flutter free. As a freestyler not believing in forwardly displaced blades, you should dare to try it. It will make you faster!

Technical Detail:

The MW's Blade is pressed and 100% Carbon-Prepreg. The surrounding Aramid-edge provide little abrasion and extreme impact strength. The ingraved waves give it a great bending strength. Due to its profile, doing forward strokes and steering strokes a hydrodynamic lift is built up, therefore the paddle stands stabile and flutter-free in the water.


SizeMaterialBlade dimensions
L/W mm
Ø mm
Field of Application
 LCS 100 Extrem 460/195
32 x 29      920
white water
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