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The warranty is 24 months. A reduced warranty of 12 months applies to goods sold used. At the discretion of the seller, the latter provides a warranty through repair or replacement delivery. If the repair fails or a replacement delivery is not possible, the buyer has the right to cancel the purchase contract or reduce the purchase price.


The most important things in a nutshell:

24 month warranty for new goods

12 months warranty for used items


Since we develop, construct and produce many boats, paddles and accessories ourselves in Moers, we also have the tools and know-how of our plastics processing company at our disposal for repairs.


This enables us to carry out cost-effective and timely repairs or restoration work on your kayak, canoe or any other component made of fiber-reinforced plastic.


In addition to Lettmann products, we also repair products from other manufacturers

In addition to working on laminated fiber composites, we can also carry out repairs on thermoplastics, including welding or deep-drawing polyethylene. We can also realize products according to your ideas, create molded parts and prepare them for production and/or then produce them ourselves in Moers.


You are welcome to make an appointment with us to discuss any repairs or orders in the field of mold construction with us. Here you can find our contact details.


Helping people help themselves

In our download section you will find useful instructions for our products:


With us you can put all the kayaks, canoes and paddles we produce as well as various models from other manufacturers from our range through their paces on our test lake, just a few kilometers from our shop. All you need is a vehicle with a roof rack and a little time.

Test drives that take one to three hours on our test lake are free of charge.