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Lettmann Ozean Touring Plus
Ozean 2 Touring PLus
No other tandem kayak leaves its mark on the kayak sport like the Ozean. The reputation to be one of the best is the result of the distinctive design, the high safety, the balanced handling and the well-developed quality. The result of...
From €3,399.00 *
Lettmann Ozean Touring Plus KIII
Ozean 3 Touring PLus
The new Ozean has a very nice agile handling. The dynamic appearance shows all new Lettmann designfeatures of the „Touring Plus“ concept. A real innovation is the 3 cockpit version. The middle cockpit could be used as a extra strorage or...
From €3,529.00 *
Lettmann Pacific Seite
Pacific Expedition Plus
The first impression of the Pacific will be indelible. A shallow and clear appearance with slight and elegant lines. The Pacific comprises all advantages of construction of our solo sea kayaks. The sporting and safe adventure of...
From €4,399.00 *
Lettmann Atlantik Touring Plus
Atlantik 2 Touring Plus DCS
Der Atlantik II ist die Weiterentwicklung unseres Eski KII. Als Touren- und Seekajakzweier für Tages- und Gepäcktouren bietet er aufgrund seiner nochmals verlängerten Wasserlinie seinem Runden und abgerundetem V-Spant einen...
From €3,529.00 *
Lettmann River Tour Touring Flucht
River Tour Touring Kayak
The Rivertour is our fast compact touring K2. The special designed bottom makes it fast without baggage, and more stable with it. The River Tour is the "Best Buy" in the german Kanu Magazin in 6/2002.
€1,769.00 *