hf spraycover Tuppa

Der Lukendeckel °hf Tuppa macht das Boot zum Kofferraum
hf spraycover Tuppa
hf spraycover Tuppa
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HF Lukendeckel:

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Make your kayak a trunk! When transporting your kayak on a roofrack a tightly streched... more
Product information "hf spraycover Tuppa"

Make your kayak a trunk!

When transporting your kayak on a roofrack a tightly streched neoprene spray cover should be your first concerne. The spray cover reduces the windresistence, which then reduces noices and fuel consumption. Of course this neo cockpitcover is adequat for storing your kayak, so that it remains dry and clean.

For good grip on the coaming a strong rubber is attached to the cover's inner edge.

Availabel as: Keyhole and Bighole

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