Biskaya 55/65

Biskaya 55/65
Biskaya 55/65
Biskaya 55/65
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Biskaya 2.0 Reinventing our classic! The Biskaya has been the athlete among our sea kayaks... more
Product information "Biskaya 55/65"

Biskaya 2.0

Reinventing our classic!

The Biskaya has been the athlete among our sea kayaks since 2011. The particularly fast and slim kayak is manoeuvrable and particularly agile, especially when you make use of the edge - which was child's play then as now thanks to the slim, strongly rounded U-frame. The new Biskaya, which is now available in four instead of three sizes, comes across as a sporty all-rounder more than ever, because the second generation's directional stability has been slightly optimized, which pays off on long tours and journeys, but not at the expense of the agility works. In addition, the stems have been slightly raised, which has a positive effect when surfing and breaking waves.


Take it sporty, try the Biskaya 2.0 - the ultimate all-rounder for training sessions, day trips or travel.

New sizes and new sizing system:

Kayakers on the smaller and more lighter side in particular will love that the Biskaya 2.0 comes in smaller sizes than before. Originally the Biskaya LV, for kayakers from 65kg, was the smallest size available. With our Biskaya 55 & 65 we can finally provide a sea kayak for kayaker from 45kg! Because the new sizes didn't allign with our previous sizing system we decided to implement a new sizing system. The number stands for the optimum paddler weight +/- 10 kg.

More wind stability, better surf and still incredibly agile:

Although we were super content with the original Biskaya's directional stability already, especially when packed and trimmed well, we aimed even higher with the new kayak.
More S-Schlag (?), a little more rocker and moving the cockpit more towards the rear made the Biskaya a speed machine that performs incredibly in wind, surfs easily and keeps being controllable and maneuverable on the wave.

Skeg or skudder?

We deicided to offer 3 different Skeg/Skudder options for our Biskaya 2.0.

1. Lettmann Skudder

2012 we launched the Lettmann skudder along with the original Biskaya. It has been an essential part of our sea kayaks eversince. Obviously, the new Biskaya will to be available with the Skudder. It particularly makes sense for beginners and intermediate sea kayakers as it simplifies steering in stressfule situation for the kayaker to foucs on acceleration.

2. Kajaksport Skeg

With the Biskaya 2.0 we expect advanced and professional kayakers to be interested in having a skeg. That's why we decided to offer assembling the Biskaya 2.0 with the Kajaksport Skeg 4.

3. Lettmann Skudder with adapter

The solution for indecisive kayakers! We created an adapter for our skudder that locks the Skeg/Rudder blade in place horizontally. The blade will still be retractable but won't move sidewards eliminating the steering funcition. This adaoter can be mounted and dismounted at anytime and will be available for every Lettmann kayak with a skudder system.

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