Lettmann Skinner Flucht
Lettmann Skinner Side
Lettmann Skinner Top
Staufach vor der Sitzluke
Tagesstaufach hinter der Sitzluke + 3tes Schott
Lettmann Integriertes Steuerskeg
Steueraufholer mit Seilscheibe
Lettmann Skeg
Skeg Kajak Sport
Skegschieber Kajak Sport
Kompass Silva 70 P auf Konsole
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Skinner ...our interpretation of a modern greenlander   Model Length/Width... more
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...our interpretation of a modern greenlander
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Greenland meets Lettmann. The Skinner is our interpretation of a greenlander into a modern world of kayaking. Thanks to its flat silhouette and long stems the Skinner is as smooth and fast a greenlander, but in contrast to a classic greenlander our Skinner has a Keyhole Cockpit making it more suitable for modern sea kayak use. Have a great day of paddling or even an entire week if you pack your luggage smart.

The entirely new hull-design makes our skinner the innovation in the construction of greenland kayaks. The slender bow cuts elegantly through the water, the rounded U-frame in the waist guarantees high initial- and a very high endstability. Behind the Skinner's sleek silhouette you find the modern interpretation of a fast greenland kayak. For light paddlers the Skinner is suitable as wholesome seekayak, even for long trips with lots of luggage. Heavy paddlers love the Skinner for daytrips or the daily training run on nearby waters.

The optional rudder-skeg installed in the Expedition model:

Our one of a kind rudder-skeg (also installed in our Biskaya and Skagerrak) bears lots of advantages. By releasing the rudder only half-way you'll recieve a wholesome skeg. This supports the kayak's guidance and you can easily balance side wind or tailwind. Releasing the rudder completely it is a fully functional steering system. Especially beginners love to have the option of changing the skeg to a rudder when they are not certain, whether they can cope eith a skeg under windy conditions.

Equipment features

  • Skeg oder integrated steering skeg
  • 1 oval, 1 round rubber hatch cover
  • transparent bulkheads
  • 20mm fabric tape outer seam
  • toggle, all-around rope, luggage net and bungee deck rigging
  • three different material variants

MAC 3-Cockpit

  • Ergo steering foot pedal or Ergo footrest on centre rail
  • adjustable Comflex-seat with seat cushion
  • backrest with Contour-cushion
  • adjustable thigh braces


  • day hatch in front of cockpit
  • third bulkhead with hatch cover behind the seat
  • compass Silvia 70 P integrated in front hatch cover
  • flip-off steering system


  • spraydeck / hatch cover: size X / Keyhole
  • further extra equipment on request


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Customer evaluation for "Skinner"
27 Oct 2020

Fast and refined, a very beautiful and responsive kayak to paddle

I've been paddling a VCS Skinner for about a year now, mostly in the Baltic of Eastern Sweden and think it's an amazing kayak design. On flat water the long waterline gives it tremendous speed, the Swede form shape means it turns well and is surprisingly responsive on edge for a boat without much rocker. On waves the finely tapering bow and stern soak up the lumpiness and it keeps it's speed whilst those around you are slamming and bouncing.
The foredeck is quote low but now I'm used to it I can power with my legs off the excellent footplate.
The cockpit is comfortable and I really like the extra long sweetie hatch, hat, gloves, first aid kit and of course sweeties.
I've not paddled the Skinner on big waves or surf, although I know someone who does. For me the Skinner works as a fantastic day boat or short tourer, especially in Scandinavian waters.

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