Meridian Touring Plus HD-PE

Lettmann Meridian PE Seekajak-Tourenboot
Lettmann Meridian Drauf
Lettmann Meridian Flucht
Lettmann Meridian
Lettmann Meridian
Steueraufholer mit V-Klemme
Lettmann Balance Steueranlage
Tagesstaufach hinter der Sitzluke + 3tes Schott
Tagesstaufach vor der Sitzluke
Kompass Silva 70UN
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Meridian ...the Allround-Kayak made of PE   material length/width load... more
Product information "Meridian Touring Plus HD-PE"
...the Allround-Kayak made of PE
PE 520/59 180 396,92,184,120 88 96x51 27,5

Having a U-formed bottom but a long waterline at the same time the Meridian is both, a secure and fast kayak. The vertical tails give good guidance an a great directional stability. Furthermore the integrated Balance steering system makes this kayak an manoeuverable one. The bottom lies rich and stable on the water, is easy to cant and is to be straightened up with you hips out of nearly every situation.The as good as indestructable HD-PE is extremely easy-care and pretty tough. No matter if on rivers, lakes or the sea - the Meridian is avery versatile. Even the use on open waters is no problem for this fast seekayak, thanks to isolated hatches and an entire safety equipment. There is enough storing capacity even for longer trips with a lot of equipment. The comfy MAC-3-Cockpit featured with the big hole enables easy getting in and out and provides perfect grip inside the kayak thanks to many adjustment possibilities at the seat and footrest.

Equipment features

  • Balance steering system
  • 1 oval, 1 round rubber hatch
  • transparent bulkheads
  • 20mm fabric tape outer seam
  • Toggel, all-around rope, luggage net and bungee deck rigging

MAC 3-Cockpit

  • steering foot pedal on centre rail
  • adjustable Comflex-seat with seat cushion
  • backrest with Contour-cushion
  • adjustable thigh braces


  • day hatch in front of cockpit
  • third bulkhead with hatch cover behind the seat


  • spraydeck / hatch cover: size D Bighole
  • further equipment on request


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