Akaroa Expedition Plus

Akaroa Expedition Plus
Akaroa Expedition Plus
Akaroa Expedition Plus
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Akaroa Expedition Plus
Akaroa Expedition Plus
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AKAROA EXPEDITION PLUS ...on the safe side! The Akaroa is the perfect travel boat for... more
Product information "Akaroa Expedition Plus"


...on the safe side!

The Akaroa is the perfect travel boat for those who don't want to drive by the stopwatch. The excellent directional stability, paired with the safe, yet agile hull ensures that you are always relaxed on the road and still have reserves if the elements do surprise you. None of our sea kayaks are so neutral in wind and waves and remain so unimpressed when there is a strong breeze from aft or port. The slightly wider, flatter and more angular bottom is also really fun in surfing. The raised stem also allows the Akaroa to run dry even in long surf waves - a real pleasure!
Are you looking for the perfect symbiosis of reliability when traveling and safety and fun on day trips and surf adventures, then take the Akaroa on an extensive test drive and convince yourself of the "Akaroa principle".


Of course, we equipped the Akaroa with our integrated skudder. You can optionally choose between two kinds of pedal system. Other than our Ergo steering rest, we also offer you a classic steering rest (TipToes) which is mounted to the sides of the kayak and is adjustable while sitting.
The Akaroa comes with a big oval hatch at the back and a 240 mm round hatch at the front. We intentionally chose the round hatch at the front, as can be closed more fail-proof. Bulkier luggage has to be put into the rear hatch. As with all of our sea kayaks, you do have the option of an additional bulkhead with a 150 mm hatch.


Gewicht (kg)
Gewicht (kg)
Gewicht (kg)
DCS Extrem
Gewicht (kg)
VCS Extrem
Gewicht (kg)

MV Expedition Plus

HV Expedition Plus

525 / 57,5 cm

525/ 58 cm

140 kg

155 kg

310 l

330 l

83 x 40,5 cm

83 x 40,5 cm

89,5 x 46,5 cm

89,5 x 46,5 cm











Equipment Feature

  • Intergrated Skudder
  • 1 oval, 1 round rubber hatch
  • Transparent bulkheads
  • 20 mm outer seam
  • Toggel, decklindes, pack net or Clean Deck
  • Available as Medium Volume (MV) or High Volumen (HV)
  • 5 different materials


  • Ergo Stellring Rest on center rail
  • Adjustable Comflex seat incl. cushion
  • Back strap with cushion
  • Adjustable high braces


  • Day catch in front of the Cockpit
  • Third bulkhead with catch right behind the seat
  • integrated compass Silva 70 P 
  • Tip-Toe foot rest instead of our Ergo foot rest
  • laminated bulkheads
  • laminated keel strip on the inside
  • laminated keel strip on the outside


  • Spraydeck, Size: Z, 1.7, Bighole
  • Cockpit Cover, Size : Z, 1.7, Bighole


more tables will follow soon
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