Akaroa Expedition Plus

Akaroa Expedition Plus
Akaroa Expedition Plus
Akaroa Expedition Plus
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Akaroa Expedition Plus
Akaroa Expedition Plus
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AKAROA EXPEDITION PLUS ...on the safe side! The Akaroa will break the highspeed tradition... more
Product information "Akaroa Expedition Plus"


...on the safe side!

The Akaroa will break the highspeed tradition even more than our Adria and Skagerrak did, resulting in “not exactly the fast 525er Lettmann ever created” to put it in Jochen Lettmann’s word after the first test ride. But that doesn’t bother us, we’re actually quite proud of it as the Akaroa has other strengths – it has become Lettmann’s most directional stable with excellent control and agility. Those were the most important features we looked for in our new sea kayak. No matter whether they come frontwards or astern, the Akaroa masters wind and waves easily and manages (tide) currents without making too much use of the skeg or rudder. To achieve this, we reduced the hull’s volume and gave it some more reflexed profile and placed the cockpit slightly more towards the rear. And though this makes it littler slower, the Akaroa isn’t a slowcoach either. You will not struggle to keep up with your fellow kayak buddies on tour as the cruising speed still is decent.
The even broader and safer hull (compared to our Biskaya or Skinner) gives the Akaroa it’s unique initial stability. We wanted to achieve that kind of stable hull to maximize the fun factor. With its width of 58 centimetres and its rather short keel line, it is safe to say that the Akaroa is a real surf machine! It is manoeuvrable and controllable due to its U-shaped rib. Changing directions in the wave has never been this easy!
The lifted nose makes a dry run even while long surfs which also benefits the kayak’s control.
Of course, we equipped the Akaroa with our integrated skudder. You can optionally choose between two kinds of pedal system. Other than our Ergo steering rest, we also offer you a classic steering rest (TipToes) which is mounted to the sides of the kayak and is adjustable while sitting.
The Akaroa comes with a big oval hatch at the back and a 240 mm round hatch at the front. We intentionally chose the round hatch at the front, as can be closed more fail-proof. Bulkier luggage has to be put into the rear hatch. As with all of our sea kayaks, you do have the option of an additional bulkhead with a 150 mm hatch.


Gewicht (kg)
Gewicht (kg)
Gewicht (kg)
DCS Extrem
Gewicht (kg)
VCS Extrem
Gewicht (kg)

MV Expedition Plus

HV Expedition Plus

525 / 57,5 cm

525/ 58 cm

140 kg

155 kg

310 l

330 l

83 x 40,5 cm

83 x 40,5 cm

89,5 x 46,5 cm

89,5 x 46,5 cm











Equipment Feature

  • Intergrated Skudder
  • 1 oval, 1 round rubber hatch
  • Transparent bulkheads
  • 20 mm outer seam
  • Toggel, decklindes, pack net or Clean Deck
  • Available as Medium Volume (MV) or High Volumen (HV)
  • 5 different materials


  • Ergo Stellring Rest on center rail
  • Adjustable Comflex seat incl. cushion
  • Back strap with cushion
  • Adjustable high braces


  • Day catch in front of the Cockpit
  • Third bulkhead with catch right behind the seat
  • integrated compass Silva 70 P 
  • Tip-Toe foot rest instead of our Ergo foot rest
  • laminated bulkheads
  • laminated keel strip on the inside
  • laminated keel strip on the outside


  • Spraydeck, Size: Z, 1.7, Bighole
  • Cockpit Cover, Size : Z, 1.7, Bighole


more tables will follow soon
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