Expression 15

Expression 15
Expression 15
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***The colour red is remaining stock only and won't be continued after sell-off!*** New! for... more
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***The colour red is remaining stock only and won't be continued after sell-off!***

New! for 2011 the Expressions are set to become the ultimate modern classic in the touring boat market. The Expression is the culmination of an 18 month project to design the most appealing, best performing and sporty day touring kayak on the water... in two sizes. Graceful and stylish lines immediately catch your eye and it’s not just the looks that are stunning. The handling offers all the performance you demand for trips and true control in any conditions, whilst the Zone DLX outfitting and two size options provide optimum comfort with an outstanding fit. The smooth, sleek and predictable nature is perfect for touring on coastal waters, estuaries, lakes and rivers. It handles chop with ease and revels in the chance to play the surf back to shore. The spring loaded TruTrack skeg is quickly available to assist you when the wind or currents are unkind. The Expression 15 has a touch more length and volume than the Expression 14. This gives more space and forgiveness for average to large paddlers and carries heavier loads without compromising on its handling abilities.
Expression 14- Length: 4.42m Width: 59cm Weight: 24kg Max Capacity: 130kg
Expression 15 - Length: 4.56m Width: 61cm Weight: 25kg Max Capacity:140kg

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