Horizon Expedition

Horizon Expedition
Horizon Expedition
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broaden your horizons... This versatile twin-cockpit tandem kayak is perfect for either... more
Product information "Horizon Expedition"

broaden your horizons...

This versatile twin-cockpit tandem kayak is perfect for either short trips or multi-day expeditions. The long waterline provides excellent directional stability yet the Horizon is still nimble enough for inland adventures. A high volume bow gives a dry ride even in choppy waters, as it rides over waves and deflects spray from the cockpit areas.

It’s able to cope easily with varied weight distribution between the spacious cockpits and stowage compartments; with plenty of room under the bow and stern Easy Seal hatches for two paddlers’ kit.

Length: 488cm
Width: 76cm
Weight: 33kg
Water Type: Coast, Estuary, Touring River, Lake, Canal
User Guide: Beginner - Advanced
Type: Tandem Touring Kayak
Max Load: 280kg

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