Prodigy II Expedition

Prodigy II Expedition
Prodigy II Expedition
Prodigy II Expedition
Perception Prodigy II Lukenabdeckung
Perception Prodigy II Persenning zweiteilig
Perception Prodigy II Kindersitz
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We set out to build our newest tandem kayak with one goal in mind – pure fun. A great tandem is... more
Product information "Prodigy II Expedition"
We set out to build our newest tandem kayak with one goal in mind – pure fun. A great tandem is more than a solo kayak with an extra seat, its a unique experience in performance, design and comfort with families and partners in mind. The Prodigy II 14.5 delivers on the promise. Redesigned from top to bottom, it's inspired by our legendary Kiwi 3, but with a rocker profile focused on speed, tracking and minimal noise when paddling through flatwater and light currents. Most importantly, ergonomics and comfort are a must. The all-new tandem outfitting features a pair of ultracomfortable Zone DLX seats with multiple adjustment options, including height adjustable backrests and leg lifter support to reduce leg fatigue. Whether paddling solo or tandem, with pets, kids or adults, the outfitting can be configured perfectly for any journey. For fleet operators we can offer our tried and tested rental specification. Roto-moulded seats with fold down backrests and the removal of the stern hatch ensure extra longevity in the harsh rental environment. Both versions have a rear skid plate as standard to reduce wear. This unique tandem also features new sleek deck styling and is offered in a complete set of fun, bright Perception colours. From relaxing, to birdwatching, to camping, the Prodigy II is the tandem that paddlers will be asking about.

* Superlinear Polyethylene Shell
* Retractable Carry Handles
* 25cm Dual Density Stern Hatch
* Tracking Hull
* Zone DLX Seating System with Leg Lifters
* Stern Bulkhead
* Adjustable Pedal Footrests
* Open Cockpit
* Skid Plate
* Bow and Stern Deck Rigging


Length: 442 cm / 14'6"
Width: 79 cm / 31"
Max Capacity: 250 kg / 550 lbs
Deck Height: 40 cm / 16"
Weight: 33 kg / 73 lbs
Cockpit Length: 229 cm / 90"
Cockpit Width: 58 cm / 23"
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