Test paddle

Test paddle
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Order your test paddle home now! We've designed quite a few paddles over the past 55 years.... more
Product information "Test paddle"

Order your test paddle home now!

We've designed quite a few paddles over the past 55 years. Our range of paddles is one of the many reasons they are so popular.
The only downside: you are spoiled for choice!

We won't leave you out in the rain - order your favorite(s) to take home and try out our paddles at your leisure. After that you can definitely make a decision.

How it works:

    • Add this item to your shopping cart
    • When checking out, enter the name of the paddle in the comment field.
    • We will send the paddle to your home as soon as possible.
    • Take your time trying out the paddle send it back after 2 weeks at the latest with the enclosed return label. (Tip: Remember the setting of your test paddle for a possible order!)
    • Did you like the paddle? Order the appropriate paddle via the online shop, by telephone or by e-mail
    • If you order a new paddle, we will refund the €15 test fee!

We send a maximum of 2 test paddles at once. If you want to try 2 paddles, please put this item 2x in the shopping cart.
If you are not yet sure which of our paddles is suitable, please feel free to call us and let us advise you. (Phone: 02841 999 289 0) You're in te area? You are also welcome to pick up the test paddles personally from us, then the test paddle service is free of charge!


***Ordering a test paddle in our webshop is only possible with a German delivery address. A test paddle delivery abroad can be arranged upon consultation.***

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