Ergonom Pro Extrem

Ergonom Pro Extrem
Ergonom Pro Extrem
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Ergonom Pro WW Extreme Our Ergonom Pro WW Extrem is the sturdiest whitewater paddle ever made.... more
Product information "Ergonom Pro Extrem"

Ergonom Pro WW Extreme

Our Ergonom Pro WW Extrem is the sturdiest whitewater paddle ever made. Its stiffness combined with a great pressure build-up and awesome handling makes it an unique tool, especially for creek whitewater. The ovalized, ergonomic shaft supplies supreme handling, the profiled paddle blades provide you with an extraordanary propulsion. Not only is the Ergonom Pro WW Extrem super effective, but it also offers great manoeuvering, even with the slightest of strokes you are in control of every movement.

Ergonom Pro WW LCS 70 Extrem

 Technik unserer Paddel

SizeMaterialBlade length/width (mm)Shhaft (Ø mm)Weight (g)Fields of Application


LCS 70 Extrem




Creek Whitewater


LCS 70 Extrem




Creek Whitewater

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Customer evaluation for "Ergonom Pro Extrem"
4 Aug 2020

The end all, be all.

Having paddled across disciplines for 15+ years and having used at least as many different paddles, this is my weapon of choice that I keep on coming back to. I raced the light version in slalom, and after trying many different paddles throughout the year, I still think this is the best WW paddle I've ever gotten my hands on. Although the 55 degree offset might set some people off (...), it is that in combination with the trademark offset between the blade and the paddle that give you unrivaled pressure throughout the stroke. Trust Germans when it comes to engineering, and try it!

No, it's not the lightest, but that just means that you have to apologize to the rock instead of looking for your split paddle after you hit something.
No, it's not the most modern or fancy, but it's a tried and proven design & construction, trusted by many across the globe.
No, it's not exactly cheap either, but you get what you pay for.

Highly recommended!

Admin 26 Oct 2020

Hey Jasper,

thanks for the feedback! It's always great to participate in someone's joy over our products. We're happy to hear you've stuck with us for so many years.

Thanks for the loyalty, we highly appreciate it.

Best wishes from Germany!

Your Lettmann-Crew

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