Streamliner Small Touring Plus

Lettmann Streamliner S Touring Plus
Lettmann Streamliner S Touring Plus
Lettmann Streamliner S Touring Plus
Lettmann Race Steueranlage
Tagesstaufach vor der Sitzluke
Rennkajak Sitz
Streamliner Small Touring Plus
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Streamliner S ...your training buddy Features Length/Width Capacity Volumen... more
Product information "Streamliner Small Touring Plus"
Streamliner S
...your training buddy
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The round bottom of the Streaminer S has its origin in kayak racing but is reconstructed with a higher tilt stability. Although a certain tilt stability is given the Streamliner S is a very fast and easy-running kayak, due to its long and narrow shape. Even in choppy water speed is provided, as the voluminous nose, which cuts waves and streams. The Streamliner S is a calm racer for marathons on lakes, rivers and the sea. It also offers training opportunities for you after work. The voluminous storage compartment is appropriate for day- and weekend-luggage without lowering the kayak's performance. The useful dayhatch in front of your cockpit is perfect for snack, water or your mobile. The fully featured MAC-3-Cockpit is not just super comfortable, but adjustable to everybody, so the perfect fit is guaranteed.

      1. Features

  • Race steering system

  • 1 oval rubber lid

  • transparent bulkhead partition

  • outer seam, made of 20mm fabric tape

  • rubber handle

  • three choices of material

      1. MAC 3-Cockpit

  • Ergo steering-rest on middler rail

  • Comflex-Seat with cushion

  • back-strap with contour-cushion

  • adjustable thigh-holder

      1. Options

  • Dayhatch in front of cockpit

  • Racing-kayak seat

  • pin steering rest

      1. Zubehör

  • Spraycover size D


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