Ergonom Multi Wave Sea LCS 100 Light

Ergonom Multi Wave Sea LCS 100 Light
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  • EMW2207
Size Material Blade L/W mm Shaft Ø mm Weight g Fields of Application Large... more
Product information "Ergonom Multi Wave Sea LCS 100 Light"
SizeMaterialBlade L/W mmShaft
Ø mm
Fields of Application
LCS 100 Light 480/170
32x29 900
Touring-Kayak, Seakayak

Ergonom Multi Wave Sea

You can either fight against the waves...or make them your source of power. Just like the Multi Wave does it! As a matter of fact the MW has its power and flutter-free strokes thanks to the wavy profile, while the ergonomic shaft make long-distance tracks a cinch.

Technical Data

The MW's blade is pressed an made of 100% of carbon-prepreg. Its surrounding aramid-edge reduces abrasion an guarantees a high impact strength. The imprinted waves in the blade enable enormous bending stiffness. Due to its profile a hydrodynamic lift is produced with every forward and steering stroke, which makes the paddle stabile in the water. as it reduces fluttering.

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