Ergonom Multi Wave Tour LCS 100 Light

Ergonom Multi Wave Tour LCS 100 Light
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Ergonom Multi Wave Tour Especially in combination with the ergonomic shaft, the Multi-Wave... more
Product information "Ergonom Multi Wave Tour LCS 100 Light"

Ergonom Multi Wave Tour

Especially in combination with the ergonomic shaft, the Multi-Wave blade is efficient and gentle at the same time. Due to the pressure point's forward displacement combined with the wavy profile as good as no holding force is required while paddling resulting in relief of your joints. The bulbous blades stroke through the water without any fluttering leaving you with the most important factor - propulsion. Just let the paddle do its thing and support it with your power.

Technical Data

The MW's blade is pressed an made of 100% of carbon-prepreg. Its surrounding aramid-edges reduce abrasion an guarantee a high impact strength. The imprinted waves in the blade enable enormous bending stiffness. Due to its profile a hydrodynamic lift is provided with every forward and steering stroke, which makes the paddle stable in the water as it reduces fluttering.

SizeMaterial    Blade L/W mm  


Ø mm        

    Fields of application
LCS 100 Light 460/200
32x29 930
Touring-Kayak, Seakayak
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