Granate L

Lettmann Granate Large
Granate L
Rodeositz 36
Sportsitz 38 C
Sportsitz 38
Contour Sitzpolster schwarz/grau
Granate L
Contour Sitzpolster schwarz/rot
Granate L
Flexi Sitzpolster schwarz/grau
Flexi Sitzpolster schwarz/rot
Oberschenkelhalter dick
Oberschenkelhalter dünn
Handgriff Metall
Hip Pads
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Granate L...
...the Creeker

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We put quite a few years of development into the "Granate". Besides four world championchip winner even kayaking teachers, world class paddlers and critical customers contributed in this development by testing pre-series models intensly. The result is: a combination of suddle edges and a flat bottom with a long  waterline makes this one of kind Creek-kayak fast, manoeuvrable and directional stabile. The voluminous nose ensures controlled loom, even after impressive waterfalls, the volume in the tail enables fast progress after  fast progress after rungs and big holes.Five handle made of aluminium facilitate rescues, the adjustable thigh holders, the precision fit seat, with an adjustable backstrap, such as an adjustable baffle plate round up the Granate set. Althoughthe Granate is designed for the rough, beginners profit as well from the balanced handling driving characteristics. The rounded bottom is as good as irrelocatable by lateral current; if you have the line in mind and line up thhe nose, the kayak goes like clockwork! Furthermore after you fell into the water (which is  not likely with this kayak) the Granate is easy to be rolled up again, as long as you're able to master the eskimo roll.


Multicolor available! If you choose individual multicolor (max. 3 colors) please state your desired colors in the comment section in the checkout.


The "club" variant for club- and schooling business. It includes 2 handles, a seat, backstrap with contour pad and a 3-D percussion pot. We suggest using this kayak only for easy downriver, not for serious whitewater.


The "creek" variant  for serious whitewater. Safety features include 5 handles, centerrail with gear-loops, supporting foam at the nose and tail, as well as the innovative 3-D percussion pot. The backstrap is height-adjustabel, padded and andjustable by ratches. You can choose between three seats with varying width und two different sized thigh holders (thin and thick).


The Granate is available in an extra light race version for competitions. Or for all paddlers who wants to have a light boat and in return can do without some strength. The Race Granate is lighter because less powder is used for the boat shell. This makes the boat shell more thin and softer.

You'll find further feature details/option listed in the table below.


  • Aluminium safety handles front and back (Club, Creek)
  • Aluminium saftey handles 2 behind, 1 in front of the coaming  (Creek)
  • water-realease-screw (Club, Creek)
  • percussion pot 3 D (Club, Creek)
  • Sport Seat 38 (Club, Creek)
  • backstrap with buckle and contour pad (Club)
  • backstrap ratch with contour pad (Creek)
  • thigh holder PE (Club)
  • adjustable thigh holder Mac 3 thin (Creek)
  • Centre Rail (Creek)
  • supporting foam, front and back (Creek)
  • Uni Color


  • Rodeo Seat 36  (Club,Creek)
  • Seat pad (Club, Creek)
  • Hip Pads (Club, Creek)
  • adjustable thigh holders Mac 3 thick/thin (Club,Creek)


  • Speydeck size D - Bighole oder Super Bighole
  • floatation panels 1 x M4 hinten / M10 vorne (Club)
  • floatation panels 2 x M2 hinten / M10 vorne (Creek)

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